Brockhampton Feat. A$AP Rocky – BANKROLL (Stream&Download)

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Downloadmp4: Brockhampton Feat. A$AP Rocky – BANKROLL

The video begins with an aspirational speech by Brockhampton member Joba, who is then joined by the group’s producer Romil. You’ll notice, they are both teeming with pride, and ramble on for a couple more seconds before the screen shifts to the temperature setting you see on their cover art. Tour dates flash on the screen, and A$AP Rocky and Brockhampton member Merlyn Woods venture into uncharted territory together. The unexpectedness of which this occurs, speaks to Flacko’s newfound penchant for exploration. Both Rocky and the boy band were booked together for several festivals in The Land Down Under, and thus found some time to diddle between the lines.

Quotable Lyrics:

But I ain’t no oil tycoon
And if I am gone to November
Won’t see my ass ’till next June
And it’s true, and they brought their time afternoon
Tryna spoil my mood, I’m tryna enjoy my cartoons, b***h.

-A$AP Rocky

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