I DO NOT OWN A CAR – MR EAZI (Celebrity News)



Mr Eazi said he does not have a car of his own he uncovered this in a meeting with Saturday beats, in his clarification, he said he inclines toward utilizing Uber and furthermore somebody once offered him 80m record bargain yet he turned it down despite the fact that he had only 300,000.

As indicated by “Property” crooner, “If your confidence depends on the amount you have in your ledger, at that point you have a genuine confidence issue. Appropriate from when I sang my absolute first melody, somebody offered me N80m record bargain yet I turned it down and at the time, I didn’t have N300,000 in my record.

“My first record bargain offer from the UK was £356,000, I turned it down however at the time, I had completed a visit and the aggregate sum I earned was £12,500. I utilized the cash to shoot the recordings of a portion of my melodies. I was left with £20; they were putting forth me £365,000, yet I turned it down. I did that because in light of the fact that my esteem was not subject to what was in my record.

“Till today, I use Uber yet I couldn’t care less and incidentally, I don’t pay for the ride since I was given Uber credit. In any case, on the off chance that you see me in the Uber vehicle and feel that Mr Eazi is poor, what is my business (with that)? For example, everyone around me has vehicles, what’s more, I purchase autos for individuals. On the off chance that it bodes well for me to utilize a Uber, for what reason would it be advisable for me to drive? For what reason would I pay about N100m for a vehicle that I would likely drive only five times each year?

“There are better activities with that cash. In the brief span I have spent on earth, I have profited. While I was into mining, I had so much cash that I was inhabiting a place that was a short distance far from the airplane terminal in Accra and I was paying my lease in dollars.

“I was profiting. That demonstrates to you how costly it was nevertheless I went from that point to hunching down with my companion in a one-room flat. I was resting on the floor in his room. Likewise, when I was doing the matter of moving refreshments, we began with a case and in a brief time, we started to import four holders at regular intervals. From bringing in four compartments like clockwork, we returned to nothing. In my life, I have had ups and down. In the event that my self-esteem depended on material things, I would have murdered myself.” he finished up.

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