Kanye West’s Former Bel-Air Mansion Reportedly Sold At Million Dollar Loss

kanye mansion

CELEBRITY-The Bel-Air mansion is off to a new owner

Kanye west, mansion If you can remember Marina got a personal tour by Kim before she locked down the home and was awed by every piece of property. The publication says she’s giving up the home because she’s expecting a baby and needs more room…

Marina’s sale on the house didn’t bring in as much profit as Kim’s did. Kim and Kanye bought the house in 2013 for $9 million an sold it Martina for $17.8 million. Martina only got $14 million for the house which resulted in a $3.8 loss. But the loss in bills is pocket change for Martina who is reportedly worth $3.6 billion.

“When we bought our Bel Air house, we didn’t have a baby, we weren’t even pregnant,” Kim previously said about her reason to sell the mansion and move to the Hidden Hills. “After you have a baby, you realize that you need so many other things and a different kind of space. So being in the city is a different life. We wanted to be away and have more privacy.”

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