Lil Mosey – Yoppa ft BlocBoy JB (Stream & Download)

Lil mosey

 Download – mp4 – Lil Mosey Yoppa ft BlocBoy JB 

Over production from Royce David, Mosey & Blocboy rap about their luxurious lifestyle and the consequences one must face for those who go against them in this bouncy collab. No word yet as for where this will end up, but hopefully there’s more on the way.

Take a listen and let us know what you think. Record available on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Pull up in yo’ city, then I hopped out with a fan
My nigga ride wit me, if it’s beef, then we gon’ blare
Pull up in a Beamer, then I skrt off with a Lamb’
I got all these racks, so I’m flexin’ cause I can
Gucci on my feet, and I’m with my nigga, JD, yeah
I don’t ride around with toolies, got a yoppa on me
Margiela on his feet, I got Louis on me

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