REASON “Thirst” (Stream&Download)


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The TDE brand beholds a predisposed mix of street and personal idealism whether they like to admit it. No artist, including REASON, is given a pass to perform below expectations. On “Thirst,” REASON does a good job of accounting for those expectations, in the sense that comparisons will likely arise between him and his labelmates. 

After describing his milieu to perfection, REASON adds a fitting epilogue to the “Thirst.” Gunshots ring out as two muffled voices substantiate their violent tendencies. REASON then traverses the conquering line into the next song “Colored Dreams/Killers Pt. 2,” with a piano solo conveying regret.

Quotable Lyrics:

We pop the trunk
Got us a couple of bottles
Looking for  a couple of b*****s
Pull up in front of the crib
Sensors is telling us this ain’t the spot
We wanna be but continue.

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