SOB x RBE Feat. NBA Youngboy – Can’t Go Back (Stream&Download)


Downloadmp3: SOB x RBE Feat. NBA Youngboy – Can’t Go Back

But in listening to both men speak one after the other, you get impression NBA’s journey is self-gravitating, whereas Yhung T.O. has only split from his groupmates for the betterment of his art. Youngboy will continue his journey alone until he reaches a turning point, at which point I’m sure there’s enough light in the room to help him out.

Enjoy this last SOB x RBE record while it’s fresh on the mind.


Quotable Lyrics:

If you love me, keep it strong and don’t ever leave me
Money be talkin’, I remember they ain’t ever see me
Why you the only one I want, I got several reasons
I keep that Glock, I die for you, and I forever mean it
Got everybody hatin’ on us and I know why, know why
Money talkin’ like a preacher and that’s no lie, no lie.

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